CPC Plus

CPC Plus Solutions Vision

Our Philosophy, KaiZen Yin-Yang Attitude 

CPC Plus Solutions is a company that has an eye to the future and an ear to the ground. In an ever-changing world where Information Technology thrives, there are times when it all becomes overwhelming and difficult for the client who is not exposed to these new products and is therefore not able to evaluate and make the correct decision for his own IT and network needs.

This is where we come in.

We see ourselves as more than just PC maintenance people and network trouble shooters. We see ourselves as solution providers or consultants, where ownership of problems is essential in troubleshooting the various arenas of your network should problems or network congestion occur.

We believe in pro-active as opposed to pre-active maintenance. We aim to eliminate problems before they occur. Because of the numerous products available, we evaluate them before we install them, trying well-used solutions as opposed to new gimmicks or solutions that solve only your current problem without reference to your overall solution.

We achieve this by offering a range of skills and divisions that combine to give you a solution that works in harmony and balance with the whole of your network.

Balance is the keyword in our approach to our clients, as we believe that it is the most essential component of any form or aspect of life and also of any business relationship. Our philosophy concentrates on this balance, or Yin-Yang.

The following examples will show how we put this approach into effect in the IT environment. There is no purpose in recommending and installing a top of the range switch if the network is used only for printing. A large amount of Internet bandwidth is unnecessary if its prime usage is work- related emails only. We consider your budget and work within its parameters to provide you with stability and balance your network needs.

We strive to be evaluated as a business partner to your business, a relationship in which we analyse your business requirements and then provide the solution your business needs, one which is dynamic and changes with changing circumstances. Your growth will, in turn strengthen us and our consultation with you, the client, will result in a network that is designed to streamline your business and enhance your profits.

We, at CPC Plus Solutions, are pre-occupied with IT and see ourselves as constantly being there for you as your company progresses into the new Millennium.

We are currently modelling our vision on the future in which we see Technology becoming the main form of communication, establishing a constant relationship between your clients and your business.

We perceive our clients as increasingly becoming interested in a monthly or annual contracts, providing them with a means to keep them constantly up to date and in constant touch with their clients and suppliers using the best and most reliable technology at hand. We base our business on this international model and run a national 24-hour call desk to support such infrastructures.

We provide and install technologies such as, PC and server assembly, network maintenance, cabling topologies and network installations, wireless technologies, software analysis and commercialised systems, Internet Service Providing, routing and Wide Area Maintenance, as well as telecommunications and its related technologies which are fast becoming part of the information technology portfolio.