CPC Plus

CPC Plus Solutions Group

In order for us to offer complete holistic solutions we have established divisions and partners within our business to ensure that we offer a solution whereby the client knows that every facet of his network is handled. These are:

 centrepoint perimeter concepts

  • Central monitoring of networks and hosting of services
  • Internet Access and services (Diginet, ADSL, 3G, iBurst)
  • Server/network health and monitoring
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Service Level Agreements

infraplus – The installation of Data Centres and onsite IT infrastructure
cableplus – The installation of network cabling infrastructure and wireless technologies
camplus recruitment – Onsite placement  of IT staff
bellcam voice systems – Installations of PBX’s, Least Cost Voice Routing and VoIP
interpix development – Website and backend design of intranet and internet sites. PHP, ASP etc.
datacomm – Onsite consulting, DR Planning and compliance and Internet services
westech systems – Onsite Desktop and Server Support
full access systems – Backup Solutions and Microsoft Development
Business Services – 

A brief background of cpcplus solutions

CPC specialises in data support and services, communication and voice over data (VoIP) support and solutions. Having expertise in onsite it support, internet service providing and telecommunications.

CPC, which stands for central perimeter control, communication protocol concepts or centre point concepts or whichever you prefer, describes our three main areas of specialist expertise and focus.

The systems we have implemented to ensure that the correct quality of our service is maintained at all times.

The solutions it recommends relies on the expertise and the experience it has acquired in the last 10 years since its conception to streamline and ensure networks are cost effective.

CPC has made some crucial business decisions to peer with the leading First Tier Internet Solution Providers that provide majority of the corporate bandwidth in the country.

cpcplus solutions is situated on one of the biggest and most effective back bones in the country.

This means we can provide a very reliable Internet Solution and piggy back onto some of the leading networks in the country.

This strategic positioning of its central point centre for hosting, and the provision of perimeter bandwidth, on one of the best backbones in the country allows us to use a very resilient and redundant infrastructure to provide reliable and effective services.

By making important business decisions and establishing strategic business partners and relationships we are able to give cost effective solutions. We are armed with some of the top IT engineers and specialists in the country, and therefore aid you in times of unforeseen virus attacks or any onsite networking assistance.

A lot of these skills we provide where others fall short.

As voice starts to converge onto data networks. Network maintenance becomes more and more critical. Voice quality and service will become less dependent on one service provider. While this means cost savings to all of us. It also means that quality of service is not guaranteed or is now reliant on many service providers as voice is transferred from one network to another.

As we have through the years gathered expertise in both telecommunications and networking. We feel we are in an ideal position to consult and provide services that monitor and maintain these checks and balances. Making sure IT does not need to frustration but rather cost savings as well as good reliable long standing services.

What we do

  • On-site management services
  • Programming and Development 
  • Network Maintenance
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Connectivity solutions : Analogue, ISDN, Wireless and ADSL
  • Hosting Services
  • Application Services
  • Network and Rollout consultation
  • IP telephony Services
  • Windows Update Servers
  • Service Level Agreements

Additional skills

  • Web Design
  • Programming Solutions
  • Training
  • Recruitment

On-site management services

Providing on-site solutions and support for your network. We can also offer Service Level Agreements to ensure quality of service.

  • Professional IT consulting service and project management, helping to manage IT processes
  • A relationship to ensure the quality of service in the IT field

Faxing Services – Least Cost Routing Onsite

  • Email Services
  • Server Services
  • Networking and Infrastructure Services

Anti-Virus Solutions

  • Onsite and Offsite
  • Remote Scanning

Backup Solutions

  • Onsite
  • Offsite Remote
  • Offsite Removal

Connectivity solutions:

Internet Solutions
The supply of bandwidth in the form of analogue, ISDN, ASDL or diginet. Configuration and supply of routers. Web hosting, web design and email services. Corporate hosting and domain name registration.

  • Analogue
  • ISDN
  • Satellite
  • ADSL
  • Wireless

Available in a variety of cost-efficient packages. Wireless Internet offers 128Kbps, 256Kbps and 512Kbps.


  • Onsite
  • Offsite


  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Bandwidth managing and maintenance – Local and International
  • Bandwidth Reporting and Advising
  • Telkom management and control

Network maintenance

  • Network and Rollout consultation services.

Project management of technical upgrades and processes involved in a network infrastructure.

  • Network infrastructure and cabling solutions from CAT5 to FIBRE to WIRELESS
  • VPN and WAN managed Services
  • Router Purchase and Rental

Monitoring Systems

Hardware Monitoring
Monitoring of both PC equipment and sever environments from monitors, such as PC components, as wellas external temperature, flood and fire control and power quality.

Server Software Monitoring

This enables the monitoring of hard disk space, services, applications and bandwidth performance.

Security Monitoring

The monitoring of network vulnerabilities, packet filtering, port loads and firewall vulnerabilities.

Hosting services

  • Web 
  • Email
  • Server
  • Application and Remote Desktop

DNS Services

Registration and management of domains
Caching and FTP Services
IP address allocation, routing and IP related Services

Applications Services

Hosted Windows SharePoint Services
Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is the perfect team working and collaboration tool allowing users to share information, collaborate on documents, and collate team knowledge over the Internet or corporate network. Now available as a hosted service WSS fully integrates with the Microsoft Office System family of applications and Exchange 2003 providing the perfect instant Intranet or Extranet solution.

IP Telephony Services
Telephony Services

  • Software and Application Programming 
  • Voice over IP, web and network based communication. Also using network telephony 
  • Installation of PABX’S and telephony equipment

Windows Update Servers
Monitoring and Updating Windows Operating System

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • Main purpose of the SLA agreement is to insure fast and effective call out times that are stipulated by the client and to make sure that CPC Plus Solutions are not understaffed. 
  • To be proactive in the maintaining of your network as to oppose to trying to fight fires. 
  • We also implement policies that streamline and stabilize the running of your network, e.g.: Monitored backup solutions, hardware and software auditing, reporting and technology upgrade recommendations. 
  • SLA’s also ensures that we at CPC Plus Solutions know that we have a long term commitment from the client and therefore implement policies and procedures that are long standing.


Web Design
Custom designed websites to the suit clients needs, including E-commerce, database solutions etc.

  • Meet our team of designers 
  • Service Level Agreements to maintain a regular visit rate 
  • Web marketing – Advice on how to increase the rate of hits and make the web work for you

Programming Solutions
We have a team of programmers that can address your every need. From ASP.NET, Java, VB and most Internet and Intranet based applications


  • On-site and Offsite 
  • Online 
  • Individual to large groups

We can find and recruit your IT staff to fit your needs and place on site specialists on a contractual basis.
These specialists can vary from field technicians, accountants, book keepers to highly trained server androuter specialists.