CPC Plus

CPC Plus Solutions Services
  • Hosted Solutions and Employee Mobility

    Hosting data, applications and solutions on our backbone, serve numerous benefits to you the client. Employees packages are becoming more results based than time based. So the need to work from wherever they are and becoming more mobile are becoming essential to their productivity. Companies applications like crm, email and accounting systems can be hosted centrally, reliably and securely while at the same time reducing HQ office space, electricity/employee down time and associated costs, giving leading companies the edge over their competitors. 

  • On site support and network maintenance
    Providing onsite solutions and support for your network. We can also offer Service Level Agreements to ensure quality of service.

  • Internet Solutions
    The supply of bandwidth in the form of analogue, ISDN, ASDL or diginet. Configuration and supply of routers. Web hosting, web design and email services. Corporate hosting and domain name registration.

  • Network and Rollout consultation services.
    Project management of technical upgrades and processes involved in a network infrastructure.

  • Monitoring Systems
    Hardware Monitoring
    Monitoring of both PC equipment and sever environments from monitors, such as PC components, as well as external temperature, flood and fire control and power quality.

    Server Software Monitoring
    This enables the monitoring of hard disk space, services, applications and bandwidth performance.

    Security Monitoring
    The monitoring of network vulnerabilities, packet filtering, port loads and firewall vulnerabilities.

  • Recruitment
    We can find and recruit your I.T staff to fit your needs and place on site specialists on a contractual basis. These specialists can vary from field technicians, accountants, book keepers to highly trained server and router specialists.